Zion's Exclusive Parcel Pack

Zion National Park sees millions of visitors each year because of its breathtaking beauty and unique geology. At Buyzionpark.com we give you the chance to buy a square foot of land on the border of Zion National Park that you can visit, treasure, and take pride in knowing each parcel is an easement that goes to forever conserve the land on Zion's threatened east side.

Visiting your land will take you on an adventure through spectacular parts of Zion you never knew you needed to see. Accessible to those of any ability, create new memories and treasured experiences with a souvenir plot of land from Buy Zion.

What You Get

1) A one square foot parcel of land within walking distance of Zion National Park.

2) A certificate of ownership.

3) A deed to your new property.

4) Driving directions to come visit your property.

5) Two photos of the property (to tide you over until you can take your own!)

What People Are Saying

  • Morgan, USA

    "Thank you, got the package last Saturday. Framed and hung on the wall already. Have always loved Zion and am happy to have this connection to it. Thanks again."

  • Roger, Canada

    "Received my package yesterday. June 30th is my first wedding anniversary and this will make the perfect gift for her. Thanks."

  • Jill, U.K.

    "Happy to know I'm helping preserve that gorgeous space. The beautiful certificate and extras were just icing on the cake. I will be over to visit my plot soon."

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Our Conservation Pledge

BuyZionPark.com is designed to provide a unique and novel way to contribute toward the conservation of Zion National Park. In addition to creating a conservation easement, every order includes a donation to the Zion Forever Project - The official non-profit partner for Zion National Park.